At No Cock Just click we offer an online food shopping experience where people who need food can simply order for the food and have it delivered right to their location.

We got a very large collection of reputable restaurants and hotels offering different kinds of foods and cuisines for you to choose from. We have partnered with reputable restaurants and hotels to ensure that the food ordered via our website is delicious and healthy. We do this because we care about the welfare of those who order for food via our website.

We have also partnered with individuals who know how to cook good food that is delicious safe and healthy so they can easily sell their food via our website. We have done this because we understand that there are good cooks out there who know how to cook good food but don’t have the resources to open a restaurant or hotel.

With us we have made it easy for such people to be able to sell their delicious foods to people who need food delivered to their locations. We help present online menus of various restaurants, hotels and coffee shops and as a buyer all you will have to do is simply to make your order and state your location.

We have made it virtually very easy for those seeking to order for food takeaway from restaurants or hotels without the need of them having to even go out of their homes! We did this because we understand that they are some people who live a very busy kind of lifestyle and this is something that will just work to their convenience.

Restaurants and hotels also have the opportunity to register with us so that they can become part of us and begin offering their menus to prospective their online customers.

美食送到家.tw ( 為英國Kokoshungsan股份有限公司旗下之一網路事業.



幫你做宣傳, 幫你省架站費用, 幫你省網路推廣費..等 




只要你可提供安全, 健康, 又美味的佳餚. 我們都歡迎你在此開設你專屬的網路餐廳!

分享你的手藝! 讓大家都可輕鬆吃到你的私房菜!



不想做飯, 懶得下廚, 懶得出門? 從現在起, 只要點一下手機或電腦! 美味佳餚即可幫你送到家!輕鬆在家享受美食!



加入我們的外送團隊(在家工作), 免費接案APP提供你彈性的接案兼差機會!

加入我們的業務代表團隊(在家工作), 工作時間彈性, 高額獎金制, 賺多賺少自己決定!

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